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An Turas Mór - Walles Malt Whisky Bar

"Härjedalen's widest range of scottish single malt whisky!"




During the past year the old 80's bar at Walles Hotel has changed.

Instead of colourful drinks the bar today offers a wide range of scottish single malt whisky.


The bar has been rebuilt to make room for an increased number of bottles and the old chairs has been replaced with comfortable sofas and armchairs.


With this change the bar has been given it's own name, An Turas Mór, which means "the great journey" in the local dialect, no, not really, it's gaelic.



Welcome to An Turas Mór at

Walles Högfjällshotell in Bruksvallarna!






An Turas Mór

Walles Högfjällshotell

Wallesvägen 43

840 97 Bruksvallarna


0684-201 01





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